Our Mission

We are a Vietnamese Catholic based Sunday School program dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ as our Savior.  We emphasize on not only on spreading the Word of God, but also instilling in our students an appreciation for the Vietnamese culture and heritage.  We accomplish this by developing their Vietnamese language skills and deepening their understanding of the Vietnamese culture and heritage as it pertains to their faith.  It is through their connection with God and the traditions unique to the Vietnamese community that that empower them as they grow into faith connected teens and adults.  

We Offer

We offer classes for both Vietnamese Language and CCD for students from first through eighth grade.  

In addition, we offer classes to prepare our youth for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  For more information about receiving these sacraments please visit our Sacraments Page

As student grow older, we also have our St Anthony Youth Group which is a bridge for students maturing into adulthood, providing them spiritual guidance and support as they begin to explore the world on their own accord.

Located at:  

1500 E 15th Street, Oakland, CA